Laser Projectors

NSL Pure Diode Pro

Full Color RGB White Light Laser Projector (NSL 2000)
Made in America one year parts and labor
High Out Put Laser Power 10 Watts-100 Watts (Brightest Lasers in the World)
637nm Red
445nm Blue
520nm Green
Beam Specs 4mm beam, 1.2mrad
Ultra High Speed EMS Scanners with wide angle 40K to 60K pps

Laser Bounce Mirrors

6″ X 6″ for $59.00 each | 4″ X 4″ free upgrade to 6″ X 6″ no extra charge!

Military quality made in the USA. 6 inch by 6 inch High-polish Mirrors mounted on a fully adjustable 1/8 inch black anodized metal swivel frame, designed especially for reflect laser beams off walls or ceilings. Superior quality optics and refraction! Comes complete with mounting bracket. Works with any laser system. Unlike normal mirrors, these are aluminized on the front surface of the glass so that laser power is not lost through the diffraction of the glass.

C02 Machines

Super Jet Co2 Cryo Systems

Video Mapping


Sky Spot Light

Searchlights are a proven advertising and promotional tool used from coast to coast to attract attention to all types of events. From galas to grand openings, to fund-raisers, festivals and Hollywood premiers… Our searchlights will draw attention for miles around. Let our advertising searchlights  increase traffic to your night event by creating awareness and excitement.