1. How do I know what package is best for my event?

jimmy-kimmellDepending on the type, size and venue of your event you may have a hard time figuring out what is the best Laser Package for your event. Don’t worry our experienced staff can help you with this decision every step of the way making your event a memorable experience.

2. What is included in your laser packages?

You get trained and experienced professionals who are always the least of your problems on Event Day. We will always show up on time, set up quietly, clean our mess, and respect others. All our Laser Packages are all Inclusive including: Equipment, Setup Time, Duration of Event, Break Down, Flight, Cargo, Transportation, Hotel, and Food.

3. How important is a laser to my show?

Depending on the Event, Laser Light Shows can bring an element to the show that quite simply no other light, special effect, equipment, or machine can duplicate, replicate, or replace. Lasers are a great addition to your event if you want to give your customers that unforgettable experience that they will not get from any other device adding creditability to your brand and (or) company. Laser Light Shows are perfect for all sorts of functions including but limited to: Night Clubs, Festivals, Concerts, Conventions, Billboards, Stadiums, Weddings, Holiday Parties, Private Parties, School Rallies, Graduations, Movies, Videos, Sporting, and Corporate Events.

4. How much are laser shows?

Laser Shows vary in price depending on various aspects of your show, equipment needed, and time. We have packages available online if you know what you are looking for, we also offer custom packages to better suite your needs. Our experienced staff is standing by to assist you with a Free No Obligation Quote.

5. Do you travel to set up laser events?

Yes, our experienced Laser Technicians travel all over the Americas, Caribbean Islands, and Worldwide when needed. Depending on travel some extra fees may occur but will always be fully included in your quote.

6. Do you have to be licensed to run a laser?

Depending on Country, State, or Local Government you may need a license or variance. We have our Variance License, are Insured and are members of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA).

7. What kind of insurance do you have or do I need?

We are not responsible for Non –Laser damages that may occur at you event under any circumstances including an act from God. Any unforeseen Laser damages that may occur by our technicians are covered by our insurance company. We are Licensed and Insured.

8. Can I have a laser show outside?

Yes, Laser Shows contained on property and not shooting in the air are perfectly fine. All Laser Billboards, Lasers Projected off Property, and Beams Projected in the air need to have a plan submitted to the FAA and approved. Allow 2-3 months of planning, submission, and approval for you event.

7. Can you project images off buildings?

Yes, Laser Billboards on buildings need to have a plan submitted to the FAA and approved. Allow 2-3 months of planning, submission, and approval for you event.

8. What color lasers do you have?

All our Lasers are Full Color Projectors and can produce over 1.5 million colors for your visual delight.

9. Do you sale your systems?

Yes, all our Laser projectors, CO2 Systems, Confetti Machines, and Video Mapping are available for sale and install.

10. How much is a full system for my venue?

Prices range depending on size of venue, production desired, and if indoors or outdoors. We are always pleased to deploy one of our technicians to your establishment for a Free Consultation; depending on your location we may need blueprints and photos. Our experienced staff can help you with a Free No Obligation Quote.

11. Do you do installations?

Yes, all products purchased include Free Installations and Training.

12. Is CO2 smoke safe?

Yes, CO2 machines are always safe to use with a trained technician and no permits are needed.

13. Are lasers safe indoors?

Yes, Lasers are safe indoors operated by a trained technician projected at a safe height and off nonflammable targets such as bounce mirrors or back stops.

14. Is audience scanning safe?

Yes, depending on the strength of laser, display setting, and safety shut off equipment. As a precaution we never scan audiences under any circumstances.