Total power off of Scanners 30 Watts
Guaranteed power off of Scanners 28 Watts
Power Red: 638nm (5W module) 1.5mRad
Power Green: 520nm (8W module)1.5 mRad
Power Blue: 450nm (20W module) 1,5 mRad
Beam Specifications:  6.5×6.5mm at aperture 1.5mRad
Laser Sources: Solid State Diode
Laser Class: IV
Operation Modes: ILDA, DMX, Pangolin Beyond or Quickshow FB4, master-slave
Scanner: EMS 8000, 30kpps
Scan Angle max.: 60 degrees
Water Proof Case IP65
Accessories: power cable, manual, keys, interlock, C Clamp, Pangolin Disco Scan
Power Supply: 85V – 250V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 600W at 110VAC at 5 amp’s
Dimensions: 6″H X 13″W X 9″L
Weight: 22 pounds

Pricing available on request